According to the Law of Ukraine “On public procurement” the use of the ProZorro system is free for all public procurers. Information about planned procurements is identical on all market places, so choose a site you like for the usability and quality of service.


Participants can reduce their prices during 3 rounds of the auction. But they are motivated to give the lowest price at the stage of submission of proposals (before the auction), because the right for the last act during the auction belongs to the participant with the lowest offer at the previous stage.


All documents are submitted and stored electronically. Access to and publication of information in the system is available online 24/7.

The law "On public procurement"

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Free course “Public procurement” on Prometheus

The Ministry of economic development and trade jointly with the EU Project "Harmonisation of public procurement system in Ukraine with EU standards" presented a free course on public procurement. Lectures are presented in video format, in addition, for each theme you have the possibility to download the syllabus and presentation. The free course lasts 6 weeks and consists of two levels: basic and advanced. Passing each level gives you the opportunity to obtain a free certificate. Learn more about the course here.

Types of procurement in the e-procurement system

  • Below threshold procurement

    The procurement of up to 200 thousand UAH for products (1.5 mln for works) are considered to be below threshold.

  • Above threshold procurement

    Procurements from UAH 200 thousand for products (from 1.5 mln for works) are considered to be above threshold. For procurers, who operate in special areas of management thresholds are: from 1 million UAH for goods and services, 5 million UAH for work.


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Monitor the market to determine the expected purchase price. Too high or too low price can discourage potential suppliers. On BI.PROZORRO.ORG or on our website find procurements, which were already done. You can see how the auction took place, what the approximate price was and how the documents were prepared. Invite potential suppliers to participate. Search them on the Internet or look procurements in your industry, that were conducted earlier. After announcement of the auction, send the links to as many potential suppliers, as possible. If you need any help on technical issues or on tendering, please contact the call centre of your platform.

EXEMPLARY SPECIFICATIONS –  is your library for work with the specifications. Most procurers have problems during the description of the item purchased. There is a risk to buy goods of lower quality than required. The opportunity to purchase goods with the desired characteristics at the lowest price essentially depends on the correct description of the item purchased. Here comes to the aid of our library of specifications. It should be noted that these specifications are not mandatory. These are examples that can help the customer in the process of preparing tender documentation to accurately describe the subject of procurement. Now we are trying to create the most convenient resource for customers, so your suggestions and comments are much appreciated. What examples of the specifications will allow You faster and more efficiently purchase goods and services? What format of the specifications is more convenient for You? What should be the optimal structure of the model specifications?

More specifications:

Regulatory framework on public procurement, including the national classifier of Ukraine DK 021:2015 “Unified procurement dictionary”, you can find here.